Selected Projects

Pillow Play (2018)

In Pillow Play artists Nila Gupta and Natalie Wood –  a new collaboration group – called Plan B created a participatory sculpture piece that invites participants of all ages to construct comfort and meaning out of everyday objects such as pillows.


Kiss and Tell (2013)

Kiss and Tell – 2013, 60 Wellesley St E, Church St Mural Project.
I asked queers of color to share any print material, novels, anthologies, and manifestos that they read and that sustained and fed them when they were coming out.

Detailed from Kiss and Tell Mural
Detailed from Kiss and Tell Mural

Grange Compact (2005-6)

Community Art piece created for the AGO Hoarding Project in collaboration with youth from the Cecil Street Community Centre.

The Grange Compact - (2005-6) Linocut, digital images (8 feet x 48 feet).
The Grange Compact - (2005-6) Linocut, digital images (8 feet x 48 feet).

Blue Devil Posse

Blue Devil Posse has been performing since 2006, we’ve been featured at Caribana, Scotia Bank Caribbean festival (or whatever it is called now), Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Harbourfront Jouvay and of course the Dyke March and Pride where we raised money for SOY.



I curated several exhibits from 2002 – 2009 that were focused on supporting the creative output of contemporary Black queer and Black women artists.

Shadow on the Prairie  (2009) WARC Gallery

Visual artist: Deanna Bowen

Shadow on the Prairie is an interdisciplinary installation response to the overarching narrative from the National Film Board of Canada’s 1952 film adaptation of Gweneth Lloyd’s seminal ballet “Shadow on the Prairie: A Canadian Ballet.” Bowen draws parallels from this ‘pioneer’ life to her own family narrative of Black settlement on the prairies.


Hero Project (2006) WARC Gallery

In The Hero Project, Sandra Brewster, Grace Channer and Camille Turner have created interactive media art works that explore the notion of whether 21st century black Canadians still need well defined heroes.


I Represent – Aspace Gallery (2005)

I Represent brings together six artists to exhibit works that enter into a dialogue concerning the desire, the expectation and the impact of contemporary black representation. 

Visual artists: Michael Chambers, Stephen Fakiyesi, Dana Inkster, Dionne Simpson, Camille Turner, Syrus Marcus Ware

Photography by Michael Chambers
Photography by Michael Chambers

Iconography of Divination (2003)

ASpace Gallery
Artist: Winsom Winsom
Winsom displays four African divination methods. They are (starting from the windows furthest away from Aspace) The Dagara (Burkina Faso) Tradition; The Ashanti fire method; Palmistry method; and the Yoruba shell method.


Starting Fires: Les Images (2002)

Starting Fires was a multi-disciplinary show of new work by the Lesbian Art Collective and includes eleven Toronto-based visual artists and performers.

Visual artists: Janet Romero, Carol Camper, Nancy Cooper, Barb Taylor, Shelly McLean, Nicole Tanguay, Hilary Cook, Melanya Aguila
Performers: Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Gail Maurice, Gricel Severino (doing video), Lengua Latina (a group of about 8 people of which Karleen and Gricel are members).